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Women riders trust and rely on the guys at Charm City when it comes to customizing their bikes. We know the importance of having a motorcycle that "fits" perfectly. And, you are no longer confined to a few makes/models when looking for a motorcycle that is "low" or where the handlebar length fits your frame. Women who love motorcycles have unique needs - they need a bike that fits their stature & frame.

Charm City Choppers welcomes women riders - stop by and we'll show you what we can do to make your bike fit - from suspension lowering to lower seats, shortening the reach of handlebars or moving foot pegs for a better fit...

From Sportsters to Softtails to Touring bikes - pick your ride and we'll make it fit you!

Ladies Special: 10% off  suspension lowering. Offer valid through March 1, 2009.

Lowering Your Ride:

How much can I lower my Harley?
That depends on many factors. Ride height will affect ground clearance, stability, handling and fender clearance. Depending on the model; lowering one inch may not affect it at all but radical lowering may have serious disadvantages. The best idea is to bring your bike in and our specialists will discuss the options with you. We take into account your preferences, your size and typical riding weight (one/two riders), and the type of bike you have.

Additional Options to consider:

  • Handlebar Pull Back Risers
  • Handlebar Size and Length
  • Seat Height
  • Tire/Wheel Size

The "Low" 2009 Harley Specs
We've pulled the specs on the lowest Harleys in each family. For comparison, we've used unladen heights, however, you can expect lower heights of 1-2 inches depending on the rider's weight.

Family Model Height (unladen) Ground Clearance Weight (running)
Sportster 883 Low 26.3 in. 3.90 in. 583.0 lbs.
  Nightster 26.3 in. 3.90 in. 562.0 lbs.
  1200 Low 28.0 in. 4.40 in. 581.0 lbs.
Dyna Low Rider 26.8 in. 4.92 in. 672.0 lbs.
  Fat Bob 27.0 in. 4.92 in. 703.0 lbs.
Softtail Custom 28.3 in. 5.10 in. 765.0 lbs.
  Deluxe 25.9 in. 4.80 in. 724.0 lbs.
  Rocker 26.2 in. 5.10 in. 690.7 lbs.
VRSC V-Rod 27.1 in. 5.00 in. 670.0 lbs.
Touring Street Glide 27.3 in. 4.70 in. 810.0 lbs.
CVO Dyna® Fat Bob™ 26.90 in. 4.33 in. 728.00 lbs.
  Softail® Springer® 26.23 in. 4.65 in. 753.00 lbs.

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