Standard Maintenance Service

Charm City offers standard maintenance service for your V-Twin that meets or exceeds the requirements for Harley warranties.

Standard Maintenance consists of the following

  • Change engine oil & oil filter
  • Inspect air cleaner and service is required
  • Clean tappet oil screen*
  • Change primary chaincase lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug
  • Check primary chaincase lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Change transmission lubircant and clean the magnetic drain plug*
  • Check and adjust chains/belt
  • Grease the foot shift/brake lever bearings* and speedometer cable
  • Check rear brake pedal adjustments
  • Inspect brake pads and discs for wear
  • Check brake fluid reservoir levels and condition
  • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks
  • Lubricate the following: front brake handlever, throttle control cables, clutch control cable and handlever
  • Check operation of throttle and enrichener controls
  • Inspect fuel valve, lines and fittings for leaks
  • Clean fuel tank filter screen
  • Check operation of all electrical equipment and switches
  • Check cruise control disengage switch & other components*
  • Check battery electrolyte level. Check and clean battery connections
  • Change spark plugs
  • Check tire pressure and inpect tread
  • Check wheel spoke tightness*
  • Repack wheel bearings with grease
  • Inspect, adjust and lube front fork bearing
  • Change front fork oil*
  • Repack rear fork bearings*
  • Inspect and adjust Springer rocker bearings*
  • Check condition of rear shock absorbers
  • Check air suspension - pressure, operation and leakage*
  • Check stabilizer links* and engine mounts
  • Check tightness of all fasteners except engine head bolts
  • Check ignition timing and vacuum hose
  • Check engine low and fast idle speed adjustment
  • Road test
  • Complimentary bike wash

*If Applicable

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All service complies with Harley-Davidson warranties. Prices below do not include fluids, synthetic fluids are also available at an additional charge.

500 - 1000 Mile 2,500 - 7,500 Mile 5,000 Mile 10,000 Mile
XL or Big Twin $199
plus parts
XL or Big Twin $150
plus fluids
XL or Big Twin $199
plus parts
XL or Big Twin $299
plus parts

Great low rates... professional service. Remember, exceptional service is our standard.

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