vance and hines shortshots vance & hines big radius vance & hines big radius 2into1
vance & hines
Shortshots Staggered Exhaust

Vance & Hines delivers the short, fat, straight pipe look with twin slash cut ends. Never before has style and performance on this level been available at such an unbeatable value.
vance & hines
Big Radius Exhaust

Curved 2 1/2" full-coverage heat shields, artistically scalloped end tips, and blue proof show quality chrome..
vance & hines
Big Radius 2-into-1 Exhaust

2-into-1performance with bold sweeping arcs fully
encased in double-walled chrome, demonstrating that performance and style need not be at odds...
vance & hines big shots    
vance & hines
Big Shots
maintain the intimidating look of a 2-into-2 system while achieving the performance advantages that come with a 2-into-1 race system.